Happy Day

In the future this blog will show some of the capabilities of the new (and improved) AutoCAD for Mac. But I will highlight a few that you have no doubt already heard.:

  • AutoCAD for Mac (A4M) is a TRUE Mac app – you do not need a VM to run it.
  • It is based from AutoCAD for Windows 2011 as far as features
  • It does NOT have ribbons – it is more Mac-like.
  • There is a companion iOS version that will run on iTouch, iPhone, and iPad. While I don’t have any of those, I WILL have an iPad soon so I can review that app (which is reported to be FREE from the Apple store).

I just saw that Autodesk updated and has this on their website. Not sure how long it will last, so I made a quick screenshot:

It IS indeed a happy day!


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