It’s baaaack?

All of the major players have been posting previews on AutoCAD for Mac (MacWorld, Mashable, as well as many of the major AutoCAD bloggers. While nothing ‘official’ has been said from Autodesk, I will say that It’s about time!

After 18 years, it looks like AutoCAD for Mac is back and is coming along with some new friends. It is reported that an iOS will also be released on the Apple Stores for the low price of FREE. What is said about this is that there will be some file sharing abilities on the i-series of handhelds (iTouch, iPhone, and iPad)

AutoCAD for Mac was originally release back in the 1990’s but had limited success (read revenue for Autodesk). It makes sense that it could be re-released now since the Mac is a vey powerful computer and is enjoying record sales (read lots of Mac’s being bought).

The article goes on to say that pre orders for the reported USD $3995.00 AutoCAD for Mac will start September 1 – that’s WEDNESDAY. So, Autodesk – what say ye?


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