A peek into the new UI

I have been looking at the screenshots provided by Autodesk on their website, and found that there are some cool features that are truly Mac-like and departs from the Windows version. So in no particular order:

  1. Cover Flow – The iTunes looking interface that allows you to page through a set of drawings and see a (big) thumbnail of what  the drawing was las saved. Sidenote – THIS is why I insist my users perform a Zoom extents before closing a drawing.
  2. It should go without saying, but gestures for those using a Macbook/Pro touchpad, Magic Mouse, or the new trackpad.
  3. Seamless transfer of data whether you are on a Mac or PC – the file will open and read flawlessly.
  4. It would appear that the Customize (aka CUI) is a lot cleaner than its Windows counterpart.
  5. One screen looked like it was using Applescript. If this is true then 3rd party addins will be right on the horizon.
  6. The sentence that read ‘Or use AutoCAD for Mac software as an interface for other applications’ is particularly intriguing.
  7. Spotlight search. A much more sophisticated search engine.

You can pre-order AutoCAD for Mac starting TODAY! Notice that in addition to your reseller, both CDW and MacMAll are offering it.

I guess we will see in the coming weeks/months what is actually there. In any event, I am still loving it!


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