AutoCAD WS Mobile

Along with the exciting news of AutoCAD for Mac, came a companion called AutoCAD WS Mobile. It is an add-on app for the iTouch, iPhone, and iPad devices and is coming soon on the Apple App Store for the low price of FREE. No word on when the app will be released but I’d bet that it is SOONer than later.

Before the app becomes available, you should visit the Autodesk Project Butterfly website and sign up for an account. All the information you need to sign-up is your name, email and a password.

I already had an account for when Project Butterfly was announced way back when and I signed up on my PC which all went smooth. So this time, I signed in with my Macbook Pro (which I installed a Flash-blocker out of personal preference). But when I signed into the Project Butterfly page, I instantly saw that this page is driven by flash. And as all Mac-ites should know, there is no flash support for any of the iTouch, iPhone, or iPad.

So this raises a red flag wondering how the iPad user is going to use this site unless it is redesigned in H.264. I do not own an iPad YET in addition to the app not being release yet so I cannot comment on this.

The Project Butterfly app is pretty awesome in itself. So if you have an iPad with 3G, imagine how productive you can be . Imagine you’re onsite making some changes and the boss calls. He needs those plans ASAP, you just save your work there and direct him to the Project Butterfly site to download them.

Since the product is not available, the only pictures I can see are found on the Autodesk WS Mobile website. Once can only imagine the possibilities with this and what even more awesome apps are on the horizon for Autodesk/iPad.


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