AEC Blogger’s Day and AutoCAD WS Mobile

Yesterday many of the premier bloggers were invited to Autodesk Headquarters to see what is new with AutoCAD and it’s verticals. The Subscription Advantage Packs for AutoCAD and many of its verticals were unveiled and with no surprise, AutoCAD now has a plug-in that will allow the AutoCAD WS mobile on AutoCAD 2011.

So here is a quick rundown of what is included in the AutoCAD Subscription Advantage Pack:

  • The AutoCAD WS mobile plug-in, as mentioned before. It seems as if Project Butterfly in the Autodesk Labs has grown its wings into WS.
  • A DWG conversion tool. This will allow you to convert new drawings back to older versions – Something that has been screamed about for some time.
  • The ability to import/export IGES format. This is especially used by the AutoCAD Inventor and Mechanical folks. For more on IGES, look here.
  • A much better DGN converter than what has been in the box. Full of nice GUI, it looks as if this will be a nice addition.

On the AutoCAD WS mobile web page (still coming), it does make mention of both AutoCAD for Windows AND Mac.

You must be a subscription user in order to get these new tools – I love my subscription, do you?


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