AutoCAD WS and Civil 3D

In my Comprehensive review of AutoCAD WS, I mentioned that AEC objects didn’t play nicely with AutoCAD WS.

Thanks for Christopher Fugitt (@c3dreminders) and Edward Winter (@iPinda) on the twitter network, I was reminded of a command/system variable called PROXYGRAPHICS that will show those AEC objects.

So in Civil 3D 2011, I opened up my little sample drawing that contained a surface. I set the PROXYGRAPHICS to one (1) and then, using the AutoCAD WS tool for AutoCAD and its verticals, I saved the drawing to the cloud.

I then opened AutoCAD WS in the browser and the drawing does indeed open. I still get a message saying that W doesn’t support 3D objects yet. But it did open. Success!

So, them I opened AutoCAD WS on my iPad, and it opened there also! – DOUBLE SUCCESS!

As many of you might know, setting the PROXYGRAPHICS to one has a tendency to increase the file size. This is indeed the case, but in my little example drawing, the size was about 200K. For reference, the drawing before was 1.5MB. After, the size was 1.8MB. I’ll continue to explore and see if the drawing size is indeed a hinderance, but in today’s market where hard drives are real cheap, I’m willing to sacrifice a little to get the result I’m after.

Thanks again to those on the social networks.


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