Talk the Talk so you can Walk the Walk

Not really, but if you are coming from the PC to the Mac world, you will probably encounter some new things that will make you say “huh?”. Here is a sampling of some terms that you many encounter while working in AutoCAD for Mac. This is by no means an all-encompasing list.

  • Disclosure triangle (aka flippy triangle) – used in many dialog boxes to expand a selection.
  • Tool Sets Button – The button at the top of the Tool Sets Palette that allows you to select from the Drafting, Annotation, and Modeling Tool Sets.
  • Tool Sets Palette – Shows icons of tools related to the particular Tool Set selected.
  • Properties Inspector – This is the properties that you might be used to seeing on the PC side but has more to it (later blog).
  • Text Editor Visor – Visor? Isn’t that a hat? Well, in this case it appears at the top of the screen, therefore its name.

The apple shortcuts are indicated by their respective symbols:

  • Command key (used to be called the Apple key)
  • Control key
  • Shift Key
  • Option key -This doesn’t appear in AutoCAD, but not saying that you won’t encounter it.

So you will see that many commands have Apple shortcuts. For Example, if you want to open a new drawing, your choices are (not limited to):

  • File > New from the menu bar.
  • Typing NEW at the command line
  • Pressing the Command Key and N key, which will appear like this in the menu bar after the command:

I hope that this gives you a bit of a head start into the Mac world and AutoCAD for Mac. Happy Mac-ing!


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