Temporary Override Keys in AutoCAD for Mac

Temporary override keys in AutoCAD allow you to execute a command or change a setting when a key combination is pressed, and then restore settings changed or execute a command when a key combination is released. For example, if you have set running object snaps but you want to turn them off for one point, you can hold down F3 (or Fn+F3). When you release this override key, running object snaps are restored.

Today I have tried to systematize the information about Default Temporary Override Keys in AutoCAD for Mac in table form.

Override Key(s)


On MacBook Pro*


Toggles Orthogonal Mode


Toggles Object Snap Mode


Toggles Polar Mode


Enables Object Snap Enforcement


Toggles Object Snap Tracking Mode
SHIFT+E Object Snap Override : Endpoint
SHIFT+V Object Snap Override : Midpoint
SHIFT+C Object Snap Override : Center
SHIFT+D Disable All Snapping and Tracking
SHIFT+’ Toggles Object Snap Mode
SHIFT+. Toggles Polar Mode
SHIFT+; Enables Object Snap Enforcement
SHIFT+] Toggles Object Snap Tracking Mode
SHIFT+P Object Snap Override : Endpoint
SHIFT+M Object Snap Override : Midpoint
SHIFT+, Object Snap Override : Center
SHIFT+L Disable All Snapping and Tracking
F3 Toggles Object Snap Mode Fn+F3
F8 Toggles Orthogonal Mode Fn+F8
F6 Toggles Dynamic UCS Mode Fn+F6
SHIFT+Z Toggles Dynamic UCS Mode
SHIFT+/ Toggles Dynamic UCS Mode

* Depends on settings in OS X’s Keyboard & Mouse preferences, you can set special features to be triggered either with or without the Fn key.

Actually, you can even use F9 (for Snap Mode Toggle), F11 (for Object Snap Tracking Mode Toggle) if you disable this function keys for Expose in  System Preferences.


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