Starting AutoCAD for Mac with custom template

Quite often, after starting AutoCAD, users need to have DWG file with specific settings that they usually have in all files, instead of standard DWG file. Drawing Tempates in AutoCAD are very useful for these purposes. Today I’ll share my experiences on how to start AutoCAD with custom Drawing Template. I know of at least two ways how to implement this feature.

Method I. Launching AutoCAD from the command line in

In order to run AutoCAD with custom template from Terminal window you need to do the following:

1. Start (Finder -> Go -> Utilities ->

2. In Terminal window at the $ prompt type the following line (assume AutoCAD was installed in the default location), you have to substitute “~/AutoCAD\ templates/Mytemplate.dwt” with your own path to template:

"/Applications/Autodesk/AutoCAD 2011/" -t ~/AutoCAD\ templates/Mytemplate.dwt

3. Hit Return (Enter)

4. After a while AutoCAD starts with new unnamed drawing based on your template. Please note that:

– the first part of the command, which describes the path to the AutoCAD enclosed in quotation marks

– next follows the switch “-t”, which is separated by a space

– next the name of the template file that you want to use after you start the program.

This example uses a file Mytemplate.dwt, which is located in the “AutoCAD templates” in your home folder. Please note that if there is spaces in the folder name (or template name) you need to identify it with a combination of “\+space” (backslash+space).

Method II. Starting AutoCAD with Apple Script applet

I would say, this way, is more elegant. To use it you need to make preparations in the configuration of AutoCAD. To do this, open the Preferences (AutoCAD -> Preferences), go to the tab Application (1), in “Template Settings” (2) change the “Default Template File Name for QNEW” (3) with “Change Path” menu (4). In the dialog box specify your desired template file. Save your changes – click “OK” in AutoCAD Preferences dialog.

Next you need to download a small Apple Script applet which will start AutoCAD for you:
After downloading, unpack the application from the archive to any convenient place (for example to Desktop). Now, if you start AutoCAD using this application, it starts with your custom Drawing Template, which you have set in AutoCAD Preferences.


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