Paste as Block for AutoCAD for Mac

Paste as Block – another one missing functionality in AutoCAD fo Mac.

For all of those who really missing this command in AutoCAD, I propose to take advantage of AutoLISP routine from this post.

After downloading, just unzip file, put it somewhere on your home folder (I’ll suggest to create special folder for your custom files and put it on AutoCAD Support Search Path via “Application Preferences”. Then you can create command macro in CUI editor, assign it to a button in Tool sets Palette, or to menu item in application menu. You can even assign shortcut key to it (see my previous posts “Creating shortcuts for custom commands in AutoCAD for MAC” or “Edit and Create Shortcuts in AutoCAD for MAC? YES it is possible! Part two (advanced)” )

So, you copy AutoCAD objects to clipboard (Edit -> Copy with Base Point), then paste it to another (or to current) drawing as a block with new PASTEASBLOCK command defined in Paste_as_block.lsp. It inserts block and gives it name in form of “A$CXXXXXXX”, where XXXXXXX – is random number (almost like in AutoCAD for Windows).

If you put this routine on Support Search path, then the macro for command could be as:

^C^C^P(if (not c:pasteasblock) (load "Paste_as_block"))^P;PASTEASBLOCK 

EDIT: I have changed Paste_as_block.lsp (added corrections to allow “paste as a block” for block with attributes), so please, if you already downloaded Paste_as_block.lsp before 6 Feb, redownload new version of Paste_as_block.lsp here.

Download Paste_as_block.lsp here.

Happy Block Inserting!


5 Responses to “Paste as Block for AutoCAD for Mac”

  1. Miguel Costa Says:

    I guess I’m in the wrong topic but did not know where else to write. Excuse me.
    I find your posts of great help and look fwd to learn more about the
    progresses in the MAC platform. Great job!

    My 30 days test are over but during that period I tried to set the File Format to save automatically in an older version.
    Am I wrong or that is not possible and you need to set the older file format
    every time you save, otherwise remains in 2010 ?

    Also, I have a Macbook Pro 13.3″ 2,6Ghz Intel core duo. Is this hardware supposed to be OK to run the program or might be missing some performance?. I ask because I felt the mouse control wasn’t as accurate as with the PC and sometimes the graphic reaction was slow.

    Last, Is there a way to “fix” the toolbars and palettes as in the windows version. Might be a matter of getting used to the new Mac world but I felt a
    bit lost sometimes.

    I’d appreciate for any help you can provide. I look fwd to the improvements as I really would like to stick with the MAC for many reasons. Thank you!

    Best regards,

  2. It was some sort of contentment discovering your site last night. I got here today hoping to find out interesting things. I was not upset. Your ideas for new solutions on this subject were insightful and a fantastic help to us. Thank you for having time to write out these things plus for sharing your mind.

  3. Thank you for your great web page, and I am dying to have this ability in my autocad for mac, but I cannot seem to ‘activate’ this command. I placed the .lsp file directly into the support file folder (user/library/application support/autodesk/roaming/Autocad2011/R18.1/enu/support) It appears in CUI, but I cannot get acad to perform the function. I placed it under the Edit menu and it shows up, but faded and ‘un-clickable”. I have likewise tried typing the macro into the command line with no effect. Am I missing a step here?


    • maximka2010 Says:

      Hi RJ,
      Looks like you are confused with “Paste as Block” command (#1 on image), that exists in AutoCAD CUI by default (it is not functional, because it includes macro for “PASTEBLOCK” command, that doesn’t exists in Mac version). So at first you have to create your custom command – click on + button (#2 on image), rename default name “Command 1” to “Paste As Block” (make A in AS capital, to quickly find your command later) (#3 on image).
      Paste as block CUI
      In macro field paste macro from the topic “^C^C^P(if (not c:pasteasblock)….”, then switch to Menus tab of CUI dialog and drag “Paste As Block” command, that you have just created to desired place in menu. Click Apply, then OK.
      This should work.

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