Some Layer Tools For AutoCAD For Mac

As you probably know there are a lot of essential Layer Tools in AutoCAD for Mac, but some of them are missing (if compare to AutoCAD for Windows). At first I thought it is not a big problem, but then I decided to “fill this gap”, because at the Autodesk Discussion Groups there are many requests on this matter. In fact the process of “filling the gap” was not very difficult, just a few simple AutoLISP routines. So, they are as follows:

LAYON – Turns on all layers in the drawing.
LAYTHW – Thaws all layers in the drawing.
COPYTOLAYER – Copies one or more objects to another layer.
SETBYLAYER – Changes the property overrides of selected objects to ByLayer.

I have tried to mimic the command requests of natural commands, so for help you can use AutoCAD 2011 online help.

Download Layer Tools here, unzip and put somewhere on your Home Folder. You can put LAY_tools.lsp file to your Startup Suite for daily use:

Happy working with Layers!


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