Apple Software Update 10.6.7 – Beware!

According to numerous reports on Autodesk Discussion Groups Apple Software Update 10.6.7 can case freezing AutoCAD for Mac during Copy / Paste operations, especially on new MacBooks (early 2011).

So beware! Do not install this update, at least until the situation will be clarified.

Now, when we all are waiting for the solution for Copy/Paste issue (according to official information from Autodesk “it is our highest priority at Autodesk to resolve this Copy/Paste issue.  We are investigating the problem and hopefully will get a resolution very soon”), for all who have already installed the 10.6.7 update and don’t want (or can not) to reinstall OS, I want to suggest to try my workaround for Copy-Paste problem.

Download attached ACADDOC.LSP and place it to “~/Library/Application Support/Autodesk/roaming/AutoCAD 2011/R18.1/enu/Support/” folder, or add it’s contents to your ACADDOC.LSP file if you already have one. Then you can use standard AutoCAD commands for copy-paste and even shortcut keys (Cmd+C, Cmd+V…).

The only one limitation, that when you copy (or cut) objects AutoCAD asks to pick base point, like in Copybase command.

If you want dynamically see the objects while you paste them with my PASTECLIP mod, download modified version of ACADDOC.LSP-v2

After patch from Autodesk will be released – delete this file from your AutoCAD Support folder.


Looks like Beta2 Update2 solves Copy-Paste problem on Mac OS 10.6.7. You can download it after registration on Autodesk Beta portal.

I have tested it half a working day – everything works now.

Many thanks to all developers!

For everyone who used my Copy-Paste “fix”, I would like to remind: do not forget to remove  ACADDOC.LSP file from “~/Library/Application Support/Autodesk/roaming/AutoCAD 2011/R18.1/enu/Support/” folder.


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