AutoCAD 2011 for Mac Update2 Is Here!

I am pleased to inform everyone that from 31 March the second update for AutoCAD 2011 for Mac is available on the AutoCAD for Mac Services & Support site. To download the update, simply go to AutoCAD 2011 for Mac Update2.

This Update addresses the following issues (as it is written in Readme):

As a result of detailed information from customers who used the Customer Error Reporting (CER) utility, a number of problems were identified and fixed. Updates have been made to the following features:

  • 2D Display
  • 3D Navigation
  • Blocks
  • Clipboard
  • Command Line
  • Find and Replace
  • General UI
  • Menu
  • Open/Save
  • Plot
  • Properties Inspector
  • Render
  • Start-up/Close
  • External References (Xrefs)

General Updates

General changes and improvements have been made to the following features:


■    AutoCAD for Mac no longer closes unexpectedly when selecting a dynamic block, saving a block and exiting the block editor, or undoing an edit operation in the block editor.


■    COPYCLIP and PASTECLIP are no longer unstable after installing the 10.6.7 update for Mac OS X.


■    Finding text strings in hyperlinks that are contained in a block no longer result in the program becoming unstable.

General UI

■    After using the RENDER command, the AutoCAD for Mac menus on the application menu bar no longer become inactive.


■    The default location for the Autosave folder is now ~/Documents/Autodesk/Autosave.
■    Some drawing file corruption issues were resolved.


30 Responses to “AutoCAD 2011 for Mac Update2 Is Here!”

  1. This update will resolve the crash problems incurring with last update?

    • maximka2010 Says:

      Yes, it resolves Copy-Paste problem, caused by 10.6.7 Apple Software update.

      • gennylee Says:

        I just bought AutoDESK CAD 2011 Architecture for the MAC last week.

        I am having nightmares while doing this project, as every few minutes the program crashes or freezes. I have to quit and restart my computer.

        I wrote on the AUTOdesk discussion this morning-“gennylee”

        So – should I install the updates- 1 & 2 or just 2?

        Thank you in advance- i have been spending days, literally trying to familiarize/trouble shoot with this system. Not a good time while starting a large project.

  2. This is certainly a problem I must do more research into, thank you for the post.

  3. When i update this.
    My AutoCad is shutdown after open it every-time from 5-10 minute.
    Normal update!!!

    • maximka2010 Says:

      Maybe you have forgotten to install the Update1 before installing the Update2?

  4. I update both.
    Update1 first then Update2.
    But it same problem.

    • maximka2010 Says:

      Does AutoCAD crashes when you apply only Update1?

      • No. When i install Update1 it got the same problem.
        Then i install Update2 It is also the same problem.
        Now i use lisp(acaddoc.lsp) for copy-paste instead.

      • maximka2010 Says:

        Do you have problems with 3DROTATE command?

  5. I have the same problem as Booy.
    I installed both updates and still have the same problem. It crashes down even if don’t use it. Is there another way to solve the copy/paste problem?

    • maximka2010 Says:

      I have the same question to you: Do you have problems with 3DROTATE command in initial release?

  6. when autocad 2012 for mac?? thanks

  7. Hi,
    AutoCAD 2011 won’t run at all.
    Inicial version crashes after few minutes.
    Update 1 crashes after few minutes.
    Update 2 crashes after few minutes.
    Uninstalled AutoCAD with its uninstaller then proceeded to delete manually a lot of left overs the uninstaller ignores and in addition i uninstalled the other Autodesk product installed: SketchBook.
    Finally installed (fresh) the trial version to no avail. It crashes in few (1 or 2 minutes)
    It happens in both iMacs both bought same day and with the exact same profile:
    OS X 10.6.7 (10J869) – iMac 27″ 2.93 GHz Intel Core, Quad Core i7, 4G RAM, ATI Radeon HD 5750.

    Any idea of what’s going on?
    Thank you for your help!

    • maximka2010 Says:

      Does it crashes even if you do not perform any action in application, or it crashes in specific situations?
      Do you have problems with object selection in Visual styles other than 2D Wireframe?

      • I have that problems too.I can’t select object in other Visual styles.
        I can use 2D Wireframe only.

      • Hi maximka2010,
        Thank you for your prompt answer.
        I can tell you if I could or not select or not in other than 2D wireframe.
        Right toolbar didn’t show up and picking the option from the (top) menu bar rendered the pointer unusable and then just had to wait for it to crash sooner or later.
        i said “could” because i went to uninstall over and over again, and always finding new stuff that the AutoCAD uninstaller didn’t see.
        Last time i get it working fine.
        Thank you very much for looking into it to help me.
        i’m a RSS subscriber of you page now.

  8. My autocad still crashing on Mac after installing both update 1 and 2 !!

  9. it has version e.49.h.554 after the updates, but still not working . I open it and crashes randomly at about 1,2 or 3 minutes without doing anything in it.

    • maximka2010 Says:

      Hi jack,

      Apparently I know only one reason for such behavior of AutoCAD for Mac after applying updates. Do you?

    • People in certain circles will only tell you that you have a crack.
      They won make an effort to look into your problem.

      I recommend that you uninstall everything related to any previous AutoCAD version you have and install fresh your copy, and most important: DO NO RELAY IN AUTOCAD UNINSTALLER.

      After using ACAD uninstaller you have to uninstall a lot of crap that AutoCAD uninstaller leaves behind.

      Use a search app like EasyFind or the one of you preference, but don’t use Spotlight.
      Search for the terms “autodesk” and “autocad”, one at the time.
      You will be amazed of the amount of related files you will see, visible and invisible (.xyz)

      Delete all those.
      (What i do is right click on the file to delete, compress the file and then delete the original. in case something goes wrong you just make the same search and restore the files by unziping the compress version in the same place.)

      Then reinstall fresh.

      Good Luck.

      (Back up everything. Proceed with caution to your own risk)

      • maximka2010 Says:

        Hi Jose,
        Maybe you’re right, but I was confused words “crashes randomly at about 1,2 or 3 minutes WITHOUT DOING ANYTHING in it”.

  10. Josh Warn Says:

    I wonder if the above uninstall/reinstall procedure ios what I should follow. I am a beginner user of Autocad, but a long time Mac user. I have instlled the educational version on mu Mac Book 5.1 and it works well for drawing. I have had only one crash, but I can’t use any secondary layers. I can create a new layer and name it and even specify a color, but as soon as I initiate a command or click on the “make current ” iconthe new layer goes off and the line with the name of the 0 layer lights up and anything I draw takes the color of the 0 layer. I think I understand the commands correctly, but maybe not. Autodesk support is very lame for Auto Cad for Mac as far as I can tell.

    • maximka2010 Says:

      Hi Josh,

      Never had such problem with Layers Palette, but I have heard that some users have experienced problems with creation and other layer related operations via Layers Palette. So I can not guarantee that uninstalling AutoCAD with method described by Jose will work for you. But, of course, you can give a try. BTW – it is really interesting for me (as I never had this problem) : can you create layers with command-line version of layer manipulation command “-LAYER” (for help with this – see AutoCAD Help)? If you can – can you then manipulate newly created layers with Layers Palette?


  11. gennylee Says:

    Okay- I just read all of the comments again-so yes, to installing both updates?

    I did install a trial version of regular AutoCAD before installing AutoCAD Architecture for MAC. I did uninstall, and I think that is fine.

    After reading, it seems I’m not the only one with challenges.

    1. shutting down and freezing
    2. Copy and paste =same as #1.
    3. zoom=same as #1
    4. text edit curser freezes

    and it just keeps closing and saying its an error. I send the error report and I receive back to install updates, but not so sure if that will fix it.

    Imported images and could not resize or remove them.(thought I could trace blue prints for general plant area to save time.)

    • maximka2010 Says:

      Hi gennylee,

      At first, I want to say that there is no such product as “AutoCAD Architecture for MAC”, may be you are mistaken?
      If you tell about AutoCAD for Mac 2011, then my answer is YES, you should install both updates – 1 & 2, plus you have to install Pan&Zoom Hotfix. You have to install it in such order: 1, 2, Hotfix.
      Installing them should resolve problems with Copy-Paste, Zoom and many others, including essential printing issues.
      About selecting images inserted in to drawing – see my post at Autodesk Forums.


      • gennylee Says:

        Correct. AutoCAD for MAC. I use AutoCAD Architecture for Windows OS, and working on no sleep.

        1. Will install updates.

        2. Rectified image insert etc. and is working perfect!

        Thank you.

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