Selection Cycling Through Overlapping Objects in AutoCAD For Mac

As you probably know, since AutoCAD 2007 you can select from the overlapping objects with the Shift+Spacebar key combination (or from sub-objects with Ctrl+spacebar). The Ctrl-mouseclick combination in AutoCAD is reserved for sub-object selection on 3D objects (face, edge, vertex).

But don’t forget, that you need some preparations in order to use this feature, check the following settings for system variables:

  • SELECTIONPREVIEW = 3 (this is default OOTB value)
  • SELECTIONCYCLING = 1 (or 2, in Mac version it makes no difference)
  • LEGACYCTRLPICK = 2 (this is default OOTB value)

Inside some editing command on the “Select objects:” prompt, move your cursor over a crowded area with object lines/geometry a repeatedly press Spacebar while holding down Shift key to highlight/select the desired entity – once necessary object is highlighted, pick on it with mouse, then select additional objects (if you need), right-click to accept selection (you can not use Spacebar or Return keys in Mac version of AutoCAD in this case) and proceed with command. If you have PICKFIRST=1 (you can select objects before you issue a command), you can cycle between overlapping object with the same manner: hover over objects, press Shift and cycle with Spacebar, when desired object highlights – just pick with mouse to select it.

Unfortunately there is no special button on Status Bar for switching Selection Cycling in AutoCAD for Mac (as it is in Windows version), but you can still turn off or on Selection Cycling with Ctrl+W shortcut. When Selection Cycling is enabled, you can see special icon near crosshairs while hovering on overlapping objects:

If you prefer to use the old (legacy) method for Selection Cycling, you can switch the LEGACYCTRLPICK variable to 1 and AutoCAD will behave as in the older versions – Ctrl-mouseclick cycles through overlapping objects (but in my opinion this method is rather difficult).

Do not get lost in your objects! Happy SelectionCysling!


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