AutoCAD for Mac Facecast and Beta Testing Opportunity

On April, 28 “AutoCAD for Mac Facecast” took place, it was  first-ever “Facecast” with the AutoCAD for Mac product team.

In announcement on AutoCAD’s Facebook page there was an explanation about “Facecast”:

“What’s a Facecast, you ask? A live, streaming webcast and Q&A, where you can chat your questions and interact directly with the team — hosted right here on the AutoCAD Facebook page. Learn about what’s going on with AutoCAD and Mac, and come with questions. Let us know if you think you can make it!”

Those who could not participate in this event can view the video here:

During Facecast AutoCAD for Mac Team has announced the possibility of sending a request to participate for all persons interested in Beta testing of the next version of AutoCAD for Mac (2012). In order to have this opportunity you have to register on Autodesk Feedback Community site:

and key-in special code: a4mbeta, just after registering on “About Me” information page:

I wish you Happy Beta Testing! This is really interesting process.


6 Responses to “AutoCAD for Mac Facecast and Beta Testing Opportunity”

  1. I have added the Beta Code, but I still do not have a download link for the program. Where do I find it ?

    • maximka2010 Says:

      Hi Ricardo,

      You have to wait for the e-mail from AutoCAD Beta Team with invitation to Beta testing, then you could download program from you personal account at
      It takes about 5-7 days from the time of registering at

  2. I’m already registered on the site since about 2 weeks and have sent’em an email too but i didn’t entered the beta code before today. Is that why I didn’t receive an email from the Beta Mac Team ?

  3. Hi again !

    So, more than 7 days have passed and still nothing… How much time do I have to wait again ?

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