Changing Colors of the Interface Elements in Autocad for Mac

You are tired to look at green Autosnap marker on AutoCAD screen? Then this article is just for you!

As you probably know, in AutoCAD for Mac you can change some colors of the User Interface elements, these include Uniform background for Modelspace, Paperspace and Block Editor separately, and Crosshair color. This can be done via AutoCAD preferences. But what about other interface elements, such as Autosnap Marker or Dynamic Tooltip background?

Actually it is possible, but the process is not trivial, as you should know the relationship between actual colors and their “digital” representation, that the program uses to store data in the preferences files.

I want to present AutoLISP routine for changing some of User Interface colors. Just download it here – UIcolor.lsp, unzip, load with APPLOAD command and call new UICOLOR command to change:

  • Autosnap Marker color in Modelspace and Paperspace independently
  • Dynamic prompt tooltip background color (also for MS and PS)

When command starts, you select UI element to change:

then color of your choice in standard Color Selection dialog box.

You can also reset all colors to defaults, if you select last item in the list of options. NOTE: If you select color, that conflicts with drawing window background, AutoCAD will correct it accordingly.

If you are interested in the possibility of changing the other colors (as in Windows version of AutoCAD) – your comments and suggestions are welcome.

I just would like to note that when I created this routine, I took advantage of the valuable information from JTB World and DWG.RU Forum (in Russian)


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