AutoCAD for Mac 2011 and OS X Lion

EDIT: From now (July 28)  you can test Beta version of Update to AutoCAD for Mac 2011, that fixes Lion support problems. In order to test the Update, please sign up with this link:

Beta Test SP3

Also consider to read updated “2011: Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) support for AutoCAD for Mac” page from AutoCAD for Mac knowledge base (there are still problems with specific video cards – NVidia GeForce 9400M and 320M)

It’s not a secret that the new operating system for Mac computers OS X Lion will be released in the near future.

However, the objective of this post is not a description of the new features of the new operating system from Apple, but it is all about the disappointing (for some of the Mac users) fact that the current version of AutoCAD for Mac currently is not compatible with OS X Lion.

Autodesk has recently published an article in AutoCAD for Mac Support Knowledge Base about the problem of compatibility with the new operating system:

AutoCAD 2011 for Mac is currently NOT supported on the Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) operating system. If AutoCAD 2011 for Mac is installed on Lion, undesirable side effects can occur, including issues with printing/plotting, Customer Error Reporting (CER), and more. Our engineers are working round the clock to support Lion for AutoCAD 2011 for Mac, however no support is currently available.

A beta program will be announced in the near future for a service pack that adds support for Lion to AutoCAD 2011 for Mac (this solution will be updated to include more information on that beta program when it becomes available). However, until such time as that service pack is available, we highly recommend NOT installing Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) on all machines where AutoCAD 2011 for Mac is required.

I fully subscribe to this AutoCAD for Mac developer’s appeal (“NOT installing Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) on all machines where AutoCAD 2011 for Mac is required”), and I want to ask everybody who want to test OS X Lion “in action”: please, remember about the problem of compatibility!

Let’s wait for solution from Autodesk, and in the meantime, for sure, OS X Lion itself will become more stable and more reliable – I think that updates will not be long in coming. Aren’t they?


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  1. Hahaha! This is funny how autodesk recomments not to upgrade to Lion cause my version of autocad for mac keeps crashing like a crazy on Snow Leopard and i can’t make use of it. And as i’m hearing lots of people have similar issues. So, for me, autocad on my mac is useless long time now (and it’s not because of Lion). I guess all they have to do is a general update and a little more profecional work about it.

    • maximka2010 Says:

      Not sure about your “version of autocad for mac” – my “version” crashes rarely – about once a week or less (the same way as Windows version do).

      I guess all they have to do is a general update and a little more profecional work about it.

      But have you tried to send request to participate in Beta testing of the next version of AutoCAD for Mac?
      And once more about new release of Mac OS – I think not only Autodesk have troubles with it – every time, when Apple releases new version of OS a lot of companies are forced to release updates for their software.

      • My version of autocad is E.49.H.554 and runs on a macbook i5 2010. It crashes after some minutes even if i don’t touch a thing. I haven’t thought of participating in beta testing, i didn’t even know if i could. I may give it a try. I’m still using it on my pc and i would be gratefull if i could use it just as smoothly on my mac.

      • maximka2010 Says:

        It crashes after some minutes even if i don’t touch a thing

        Very strange symptom. Have you tried to ask tech support?
        What license usage type do you have? Look About AutoCAD->Product Information

  2. Product information button do nothing but i have not bought a license yet. I am on a free trial.

    • maximka2010 Says:

      If it is trial, Product Info should work, and Product License Information dialog should show “Trial” under License usage type.

  3. Either i’m doing sth wrong or it does not work. In any case, license is trial and programm still crashes.

  4. I’ve anticipated this on April by their house and no one over there said a word!
    By the way, at that time, because of the problems I was having and looking for a solution, I’ve opened several of the components of ACAD and discovered that there is a bunch of reference to the Microsoft Windows “Registry” in the code. A bunch!
    I don’t know programing, but it looks to me like this piece of (software) is just running in a M Windows layer.
    If so, that explain why it’s so crappy.
    I wish someone, without intensions of selling the company in the future, could develop a competitive alternative to this ….someday.

    • maximka2010 Says:

      Everything is not so easy in this world. Many Mac software vendors are forced for software updates for their products after the release of new versions of Mac OS. Autodesk is not an exception…
      As for the screenshot (to which you give a link) – the content is an AutoCAD configuration file, I think that the developers simply took as a prototype the names of the registry keys in Windows for the AutoCAD for Mac system settings. In some ways it is very convenient – you can always find and compare the settings of AutoCAD in different operating systems.
      And about alternative – I am afraid that the development of such complex application for Mac as AutoCAD can be delayed for many years, although attempts are made right now, but I can not say that they are “outstanding”.
      Sorry for some moderations in your comment.

      • I see to whom you are siding with.
        It’s just like China.
        If you are a dissent of the status quo, you are out of luck.

        There are much more (smaller) software companies that never drag their feet and always are up-to-date with Apple.
        There are even some that are anticipated to the changes and (are) Lion-ready, even when Lion is not out.
        That’s why they (Apple) have “developer” programs, as you might know.

        (Really outstanding) developers have been working for (months) with the new operating system and their apps.
        But this not so “outstanding” Autodesk company is just about profit and gathers together (a.k.a. PR) to show their beautiful-face and funny-guy associates in “Events” here and there all year around.

      • maximka2010 Says:

        Hi José,

        Stop, stop, stop. I am not an Autodesk “henchman” and I try to be neutral, I’m just too concerned about the fate of the product (not less than yours).
        Believe me – no one blames you in dissent.
        And you can take my word, that when I write that the present-day version of AutoCAD for Mac is working quite tolerably – it really does, and not just because “someone” has asked me to write about this.

        BTW, I never upgrade to the new OS immediately after its initial release. Just because I know that the 10.7 release almost immediately followed by 10.7.1, 10.7.2, 10.7.3 – here then, I can move to a new OS. Meanwhile, Autodesk (hopefully) will release a patch for AutoCAD for Mac.

  5. once after crashed,cad2011 can no longer be opened..

  6. I should have never updated my autocad software… It crashes all the time now. Does anyone know how to roll back the version and undo the updates. I did them because Autocad version E.49.H.550 was running on Lion at the Apple Store.

    • Chau Tran Says:

      Hi Rachel,
      Im having the same problem… I’m stuck stuck on it now… Keep crashing all the time and I just updated … Looking for the answer everywhere but i just can’t solve the issue… I tried to remove and re-install… it works for 2 hours I guess…:D

  7. With Lion, mine won’t open; freezes after first Logo screen

  8. MacProUser Says:

    AutoCAD 2011 runs under Lion GM…but after to try plotting it crashed and won’t open anymore.
    Also it had bad opengl performance too…
    Waiting for an update 😦

    • maximka2010 Says:

      BTW: Autodesk is not alone with “Lion problem” – Vectorworks 2011 Compatibility with Mac OSX 10.7 Lion

      • really?
        “Overall Vectorworks runs well, but we have discovered some minor issues” is quite different from “AutoCAD 2011 for Mac fails to launch on a computer that contains a NVIDIA GeForce 9400M or 320M graphics card when running Mac OS X Lion” in my neck of the woods

      • maximka2010 Says:

        Anyway, I’m looking forward, that in final Update3 (not Beta1) this issue: “AutoCAD 2011 for Mac fails to launch on a computer that contains a NVIDIA GeForce 9400M or 320M graphics card when running Mac OS X Lion” will be resolved.

  9. It`s crash with layers change anyway. If anyone cant open it, exist a trick. Try force finish the aplication when it dont reply, before autodesk advise problem and than restart the aplication. It will appear an alternative. Anyway I am waiting a patch update 3 for this aplication.

  10. Try re-install Java (Applications>Utilities>Java Preferences). My Autocad 2011 originally freezes on splash screen; I inadvertently re-install Java (to repair my CS5 app, actually) and my AutoCAD works normally. Note: turn the ‘proxy autodetect’ (Network Preferences) off.

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