Update 3 Beta 1 – not only for Lion users

In addition to updating the previous post, I want to let everyone know that the beta version of Update 3 for AutoCAD for Mac 2011 not only maintain compatibility with the new OS X Lion, but also resolves issues that have been reported while using the software on the Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6.8), resolves problems that have been reported by the Customer Error Reporting (CER) utility and other general problems identified after AutoCAD 2011 for Mac Update 2 was made available.

As stated in the README file:

“General changes and improvements have been made to the following features:

■    The program is no longer unstable after using the COLOR command.

■    Scroll on Magic Mouse now correctly zooms in or out.

■    The middle mouse button on Might Mouse now correctly executes pan.

■    A default viewport is created when switching to a layout the first time.

■    Autoloader now loads correctly at startup.

■    The program is no longer unstable after using the PLOT command.

■    Printing issues from Model space and layouts were resolved.

■    The program now launches correctly using Applescript.

■    The program no longer hangs after being relaunched.
■    Some panning and zooming issues were resolved.”

There is knowing issue with this Beta of Update 3:

AutoCAD 2011 for Mac fails to launch on a computer that contains a NVIDIA GeForce 9400 or 320M graphics card when running Mac OS X Lion.

So, if you want to test the upcoming fixes, you can sign up with the link from previous post – Beta Test SP3, download, install and test the Update.


3 Responses to “Update 3 Beta 1 – not only for Lion users”

  1. Does it resolve eternal problems with crash after installation of previous updates?

    • maximka2010 Says:

      Not sure, because mine never had “eternal problems with crash” after updates of AutoCAD.

  2. is there any word on when there will be a beta 2 that works with the geforce 9400? I have OSX 10.6.8 and I ran both the existing updates and it didnt work- and then I went and got this beta 1 to fix it and installed it before I realized I had the non-working graphics card and now the program crashes after being open for like a minute or 2 tops. Hoping I don’t need to completely reinstall but it may come to that.

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