Let’s Turn Considerations Into Roadmap

Just after DESIGN8.16 event the new article “How is AutoCAD for Mac different from AutoCAD?” was published in AutoCAD for Mac Knowledge Base. You  can follow the link and read it carefully.

One of the purposes of this article is to let everyone to alter the further program development. Which features that doesn’t exists in current release of AutoCAD for Mac you want to be included in future releases? Which features are most important for you as Drafter or as CAD Manager?

In this article AutoCAD for Mac team welcomes any feedback on AutoCAD 2012 for Mac and asks to e-mail to  feedbackacadmac@autodesk.com  your comments or suggestions for improving the product. In addition I invite you to participate in a series of short polls in this post.

Let’s make AutoCAD for Mac better together!

Thanks for voting!


4 Responses to “Let’s Turn Considerations Into Roadmap”

  1. Dear Blogger,
    Thanks for all your excellent posts!
    I would like to ask you a couple of questions, feel free not to answer! I have Autocad Mac 2011, and I have been facing difficulties and changes in the behavior of the commands, not to mention the “unknown commands” that are visible in the CUI dialogue window and that I really use….

    1 – It seems I am no longer able to start a command (e.g. “copy”), with selected objects. This is a pain, since very often I select objects first, and only then type the command…

    2 – Can’t edit the shortcutmenu (right-click), which is very problematic since I usually use “Draw Order”, “Quick select”, “hatch edit” (when hatch selected), “MT edit” (when MT selected).

    3 – Line weight in plotted drawings, never appears with 0.00 mm, I thick mac only starts processing at 0.1 mm. Is this true??!!

    4 – Obviously, CTB editing is an unbelievable miss….

    Do you know how to fix these? Could you give me any advice?
    Many many Thnks!


    • maximka2010 Says:

      Hi Francisco,
      Thank you for your assessment of my work.
      And now about your questions:
      1. You have to change PICKFIRST system variable to 1 (default value) in order to be able to preselect objects before editing it:
      2. If you will set PICKFIRST=1 all context menu items that you have mentioned in your question (expect “Quick Select”, but maybe you mean “Select similar”) will appear again.
      3. Not sure what do you mean “Line weight in plotted drawings, never appears with 0.00 mm” – you can set lineweight to 0.00 and AutoCAD will plot objects with smallest lineweight physically available for current output device. So if you feel that your lines are not thin enough – it is not AutoCAD “fall” but fault of output device. BTW – you have to apply all AutoCAD Updates in order to use lineweights correctly.
      4. About CTB editing – yes, it is not available in AC 201 for Mac – here is workaround:
      In AC 2012 for Mac now we have Plot Style table editor.


  2. Hi Maxim, I have another question. How can we make “Quick Select” on AutoCAD for Mac 2012. Thank you very much in advance.

    • maximka2010 Says:

      There is no Quick Select command in AC 2012 for Mac, instead you can use SELECTSIMILAR command to select similar objects of the same type based on specified matching properties or AutoLISP function SSGET to create a custom selection filter.
      Or you can try my custom Lisp routine here.


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