How To Avoid Crash When Creating Custom Paper Sizes in AutoCAD for Mac

If you was trying to create or edit Custom Paper Sizes in AutoCAD for Mac inside Page Setup dialog, you probably noticed that application hangs or even crashes sometimes.

In fact there is still a defect (bug) in AutoCAD for Mac (both 2011 and 2012 version) and AutoCAD LT for Mac.

If you put cursor to one of the fields of Custom Paper Sizes dialog and hit Backspace (Delete) key – AutoCAD hangs or crashes.

Here is workaround:
Never hit Backspace (Delete) key while your focus is in text field of Custom Paper Sizes dialog inside AutoCAD (including Non-printable area / margins fields). Instead you can select an old contents of the field with mouse and start to type new value, furthermore – the first character you have typed in doesn’t appear in text field (that is another defect), so you have to type it twice. Then you can continue to type in your value and everything goes well.


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