Rendering Background in AutoCAD for Mac

If you ever needed to change rendering background in AutoCAD for Mac, then this post is just for you.

In Windows version of AutoCAD all settings for rendering background can be done in View Manager, but in AutoCAD for Mac there is no View Manager at all. Further more, attempt to render view with raster image background (which was set in Windows version of AutoCAD) instantly crashes AutoCAD. Rendering with colored solid (or gradient) background is possible, so the only one thing we need – to setup this background inside AutoCAD for Mac.

It is really possible with AutoLISP, and you can try this routine for your needs. Download SetRenderBackground.lsp file to your Mac, unzip it to some folder on your Mac, use Load Application… from Tools menu (APPLOAD command) to load it in AutoCAD.

How it works? After loading SetRenderBackground.lsp you will get two commands:

1. SetRenderBackground – for setting up Solid or Gradient rendering background:

after you select “Solid” option, you will be prompted to select color for background from standard Color dialog, select the color and it will be assigned as rendering background to all views, based on this view.

If you select “Gradient two colors” – you will be prompted to select two colors: the first for upper color, the second for bottom color, then you can set the rotation angle for background. For “Gradient three colors” you have to select color three times: for upper, middle and bottom.

2. RestoreBackground command allow you to restore default background in all 3D Visual styles and in renderings created later. The command create $restored_bk named view, and you can use this view to restore default rendering background.


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