AutoCAD 2013 for Mac SP2 Beta with Mavericks support available for testing!



Hello all!

There are good news for AutoCAD 2103 for Mac users, who cannot afford to upgrade to the new release of AutoCAD now.

Beta 1 version of the AutoCAD 2013 for Mac Service Pack 2 is now available for testing on Autodesk Feedback Community site. This service pack fixes the compatibility issues on Mac OS X Mavericks, as well as some other serious issues.

To participate in this program, please click the link below.

Please make sure to download and check the ReadMe file prior to the Service Pack 2 Beta 1 installation and submitting of feedback.

See the AutoCAD Futures Downloads section at for these files
– AutoCAD 2013 for Mac SP2 Beta1 ReadMe
– AutoCAD 2013 for Mac SP2 Beta1

Here are the list of general changes and improvements have been made:

Mavericks Support

  • Compatibility issues on Mac OS X Mavericks.


  • The Uniform Scale setting in Insert dialog is not remembered in some situation.


  • Newly created button does not show in the Tool Sets palette.

Find and Replace

  • Find and Replace dialog now keeps the view with finding result after dialog dismissed.

General UI

  • Palette position is not remembered in certain situation on single monitor.


  • AutoCAD hangs when import some kind of corrupted hatch patterns.


  • Slow response when move cursor over the layer dropdown menu on Layers palette.


  • AutoCAD hangs when open some drawings with excessive layer filters.
  • The OPEN dialog now responds to the File Format selection.


  • Performance becomes slow when using Hatch a lot.


  • The plotted PDF file size is too large if the plotstyle is using Milter/Bevel/Round Line join style.
  • Page setup dialog now shows correct paper size when a different printer is selected.
  • Page setup dialog now shows readable paper size name.
  • AutoCAD now does not show the Select template dialog when plotting drawings with unreconciled layers.
  • Object plot style property cannot be changed through the Properties Inspector.

Status Bar

  • Status Bar refreshes heavily when work in Layout.


  • Sometimes the SELECTIONPREVIEW system variable is set to 0 during drawing edit and zoom.

Good lack in testing!


9 Responses to “AutoCAD 2013 for Mac SP2 Beta with Mavericks support available for testing!”

  1. Any idea if this applies to the LT version?

  2. Hi, Anybody knows when SP2 will be available without autodesk ID? I have big troubles with the dimension style windows. It crash every time I try to make a setting, since I’m using Os-x Mavericks.


  3. So, I installed SP2, and, great thing, my dimensions style trouble don’t exist anymore. It works really well, I hope I won’t be surprised.

    I updated my mavericks too quickly, I’m right now on a important project. I’m not wise enough.

    Thank to this blog, and to you, Maxim.

  4. Just downloading this Beta product as the program has become unbearable under Mavericks. Any problems so far from you guys? Any gremlins?

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