AutoCAD 2013 for Mac (full and LT) SP2 is here with Mavericks support

I’m glad to announce that Service pack 2 for AutoCAD 2013 for Mac family which resolves compatibility with new Mac OS 10.9 (Mavericks) is available for download:

SP2 for AutoCAD 2013 for Mac
SP2 for AutoCAD LT 2013 for Mac

for those who purchased AutoCAD for Mac in Mac App Store:

AutoCAD 2013.2 in Mac App Store (iTunes link)

Besides added support for Mavericks SP2 resolves the issues that have been reported while using the software on the latest versions of Mac OS X Lion and Mac OS X Mountain Lion. It also resolves problems reported by the Customer Error Reporting (CER) utility and other general problems identified after AutoCAD 2013 for Mac Service Pack 1 was made available:


  • Crash when switch drawings with block editor and paper space.


  • Crash when grip edit object in some situation.

Object Enabler

  • Crash when opening some drawings with AEC objects.


  • Crash when open some drawings.
  • Random crash after save a drawing and modify.


  • Crash when quit AutoCAD in certain situations.

The following general changes and improvements have been made:

Issues on Mavericks including

  • Command line layout is messed up
  • Crash when insert PDF underlay
  • Crash when rename layer
  • Crash when cancel PDF layer dialog
  • Crash when close UCSICON dialog
  • CUI dialog shows in wrong size
  • Double clicking a drawing does not open the drawing in AutoCAD
  • Hangs when close Attribute Editor dialog
  • Hangs when close the Modify Dimension Style dialog
  • Image file cannot be detached from Reference Manager palette
  • Palettes dock behind menubar on dual monitor
  • Sectiontoblock shows error
  • Slidebar in Properties Inspector shows wrong
  • Some labels in dialog are messed up
  • Visor does not show


  • The Uniform Scale setting in Insert dialog is not remembered in some situation.


  • Newly created button does not show in the Tool Sets palette.

Find and Replace

  • Find and Replace dialog now keeps the view with finding result after dialog dismissed.

General UI

  • Palette position is not remembered in certain situation on single monitor.


  • AutoCAD hangs when import some kind of corrupted hatch patterns.


  • Slow response when move cursor over the layer dropdown menu on Layers palette.


  • AutoCAD hangs when open some drawings with excessive layer filters.
  • The OPEN dialog now responds to the File Format selection.


  • Performance becomes slow when using Hatch a lot.


  • The plotted PDF file size is too large if the plotstyle is using Milter/Bevel/Round Line join style.
  • Page setup dialog now shows correct paper size when a different printer is selected.
  • Page setup dialog now shows readable paper size name.
  • AutoCAD now does not show the Select template dialog when plotting drawings with unreconciled layers.
  • Object plot style property cannot be changed through the Properties Inspector.

Status Bar

  • Status Bar refreshes heavily when work in Layout.


  • Sometimes the SELECTIONPREVIEW system variable is set to 0 during drawing edit and zoom.

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