New way to reset AutoCAD for Mac settings (2014 version with SP1)

Have you ever had a situation when you can not start AutoCAD  because of some corruption in AutoCAD settings? In such cases AutoCAD crashes at startup and doesn’t allow to Reset Application Options from “Application Preferences” dialog.

After applying Service Pack (SP1) to AutoCAD 2014 for Mac you have new option for launching it: if you want to reset AutoCAD options to default settings, you need to launch AutoCAD from Dock by holding Shift key on keyboard and clicking on AutoCAD icon (you need to hold Shift for at least a few moments after you click on icon). This helps in the case when you cannot start AutoCAD normally.

During resetting settings AutoCAD also creates archive with your previous settings inside ~/Library/Application Support/Autodesk folder. The file have the name in a form: “Settings Backup XX-XX-XXXX xx.xx.xx.tgz“, where XX-XX-XXXX is the date and xx.xx.xx is the time when archive was created. You can use the contents of this archive in case if you need to find some of your previous customization files.


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  1. Rob Groves Says:

    My LT 2014 for mac today decided not to open. I have reloaded the software but it fails after two seconds to initialise. If this can be corrected by the Service Pack, how do I save it when I cannot open the program initially ?

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