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AutoCAD 2014 for Mac Service Pack 2: small, but important update

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If you use Autocad on a regular basis and you have Internet connection on your Mac enabled, you must have noticed the message that appeared recently when you launch the application.

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The message is about new patch available for AutoCAD. Maybe you already downloaded it, and now you want to know about fixes this update contains.
The update contains important fixes of the problems reported by the Customer Error Reporting (CER) utility from users running AutoCAD 2014 for Mac on Mavericks OS:

1. Random crash during drafting when dynamic input mode is on.
2. Repeatedly startup crash due to errors when welcome screen dialog load recent files.
3. It also contains fix for the License transfer utility which does not work for some kind of license types.

For the moment you can download the update only from inside AutoCAD. If you have not received an update notification message, you can try to select “Check for updates” menu item from “AutoCAD 2014” menu while you have Internet connection established.

After downloading update quit AutoCAD, go to Downloads folder, double-click on autocad2014sp2.dmg file to mount it:

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 7.58.03

then double-click on AutoCAD2014SP2.pkg to start update.


SP2 also avaliable for AutoCAD LT 2014 for Mac.


New way to reset AutoCAD for Mac settings (2014 version with SP1)

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Have you ever had a situation when you can not start AutoCAD  because of some corruption in AutoCAD settings? In such cases AutoCAD crashes at startup and doesn’t allow to Reset Application Options from “Application Preferences” dialog.

After applying Service Pack (SP1) to AutoCAD 2014 for Mac you have new option for launching it: if you want to reset AutoCAD options to default settings, you need to launch AutoCAD from Dock by holding Shift key on keyboard and clicking on AutoCAD icon (you need to hold Shift for at least a few moments after you click on icon). This helps in the case when you cannot start AutoCAD normally.

During resetting settings AutoCAD also creates archive with your previous settings inside ~/Library/Application Support/Autodesk folder. The file have the name in a form: “Settings Backup XX-XX-XXXX xx.xx.xx.tgz“, where XX-XX-XXXX is the date and xx.xx.xx is the time when archive was created. You can use the contents of this archive in case if you need to find some of your previous customization files.